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India's aquascaping dedicated resource directed toward the creation and enhancement of an aquascaping community among individuals within the Indian subcontinent. Aquascape India was an idea that grew out of our huge passion for aquascaping. Founded in 2008, through our blog and forum we endeavor to make aquascaping a mainstream hobby, introducing it as the art of planted aquariums in India.

We strive to create a healthy online community of dedicated enthusiasts, creating a friendly environment and personalized space for you. Our forum welcomes aquatic enthusiasts of all levels, offering help, advice and inspiration to everyone, and providing a platform for the experienced to share their journeys with beginners. Our belief in good aesthetics, not only reflects in our creations but also in our forum and blog. We have tried to keep the web design at its minimal best, to match our philosophy of simplicity.

We make it a point to regularly update the forums, interviews, LAS maps and beneficial information to keep everyone up to date and nurture this community hoping to see it grow, across all boundaries. A friendly and fun community for you to join in, and be assured that all your queries, will be answered and doubts cleared. Happy Aquascaping! :)

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10 Mar
Scape 01

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25 Oct
A brand new day

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22 Sep

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19 Sep
My First Pico

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27 Aug
Where i can buy ADA/contra/JBL planting substrate ?

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Saving initial setup cost

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06 Jul
New unfinished scape - Suggest a name

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05 Jul
Creative aquascaping: Oliver Knott

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02 Jul
My Shrimp tanks

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